Sopot, the city that never sleeps, is a vibrant spa and resort destination. It attracts artists, tourists, and businessmen alike. Throughout the year, the city hosts a myriad of events, including exhibitions, concerts, festivals, and conferences. Its streets are bustling with charming cafes, enticing restaurants, and captivating art galleries. Furthermore, the Baltic Pearl – Sopot invites everyone to indulge in a delightful holiday experience with its long sandy beach.

In this dynamic city, our exceptionally skilled staff is dedicated to ensuring you make the most of your free time in Sopot.



Gdansk, unquestionably one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, captivates visitors with its timeless charm. Nestled within its enchanting Old Town, the renowned Royal Route and the picturesque Motlawa River promenade proudly showcase a plethora of historical sights. These architectural gems, steeped in centuries of captivating stories, pay homage to Gdansk’s remarkable 1000-year history. As you wander through these hallowed streets, you’ll be transported back in time, surrounded by the echoes of a vibrant past that shaped this extraordinary city. Gdansk truly stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of European heritage and beauty.



Gdynia, one of Poland’s youngest cities, lives up to its reputation as “The city made of sea and dreams.” It began as a humble fishing village, but through the dreams and determination of its founders and their descendants, it has evolved into the largest port in the Baltic Sea. Within this vibrant city, architectural marvels abound, including the magnificent Sea Towers that soar 130 meters above the seaside.

Additionally, the neighbouring Orłowo district offers a breath-taking cliffside and an impressive pier, adding to the allure of this coastal gem. Gdynia embodies the perfect blend of maritime heritage and visionary aspirations, making it a place where dreams truly come to life.


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